Why do We Overeat and How Can We Stop?

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Want to regain a naturally lean body? The one you were born with?  There are really only two dietary recommendations that, if you stick to them, will give you back your lean silhouette. Eating this type of diet will cause your body to naturally turn itself from a sugar burning machine into a fat burning machine, so you can’t help but lose weight.

First, you must avoid sugar, in all its forms, especially HFC. You also need to avoid processed grains, such as white bread, and processed foods.

Second, begin eating a diet of whole, organic foods with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat a low to moderate amount of lean, high quality protein such as organically raised chicken or beef. Fill your plate with vegetables first, then protein, and think of fresh fruit as dessert. Read more about sources of clean protein.

Contrary to popular advice, you should eat as much of the healthy fats as you want; this includes monosaturated and saturated fats. Good, healthy fats would include coconut oil, avocados, butter, nuts, and animal fats.

Another thing you might consider trying that works extremely well with this type of diet is occasional fasting. Perhaps a better term for this would be “controlled eating” or even “scheduled eating”.  This is a fantastic way to drop pounds that is so simple to do. It really gives your body a kick start on burning fat instead of sugar.

Scheduled eating works like this: Plan all your meals into a narrow window of time every day. This means, for example, you need to eat all your meals between 10AM and 6PM. whatever hours you actually plan to fast will depend on your schedule, of course, but plan to go 16 hours every day without food. This is twice the minimum amount of time needed to completely deplete your body’s stored glycogen source. This means your body has no choice but to burn fat because it has no sugar left to use as energy.

Fasting in this way will also increase your insulin sensitivity and will help keep your from developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Many people discover that when they do this intermittent fasting, they find they have no junk food or sugar cravings.  It might take your body a few weeks or even a few months, to relearn how to burn fat but it will happen. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t lose weight right away. Some people just take a little more time than others.

You really can stop dieting and still get rid of that excess weight. Make your own home cooked meals to avoid using processed foods. Replace those grains with vegetables and practice intermittent fasting and you will find that the weight falls off you without you really trying.



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