Why Were The Soviets Scared Of Microwave Ovens?

Woman at home using microwave oven

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Ambient Radiation Risk

There is also the risk of radiation leaking outward from the oven into the immediate environment. According to the FDA, the maximum permissible amount of radiation an oven can emit is 5 milliwatts per square centimeter, and up to 2 inches away from the surface of the oven. Anything higher than that or emitting further than 2 inches should not be used.

Of course, how would you know? You can’t see or smell radiation. If you choose to use a microwaves, make sure it is not too old and it is in good condition.


So…should I throw out my microwave oven?

Let’s not go that far. Just don’t make it your default option for heating food. It is better to use a conventional oven, stove or grill.


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But if you truly don’t have any other option, a microwave is acceptable. Just make sure what you’re actually eating is healthy in the first place. TV dinners are unhealthy no matter how they are prepared.




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