11 Tips To Protect Yourself From Dangerous Cell Phone Radiation

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Although cell phones have only been around for about 25 years, they have already changed our lives forever. In fact, people under the age of 21 can’t imagine what life was like before them.

They can be annoying, but there is no denying that cell phones have made our lives easier, more manageable and more convenient. Keeping up with global events is now a piece of cake. Any piece of information we want is there at our fingertips, and staying in touch with family and friends has never been easier or faster.

Cell phones have become so much more than just a means of communication. They entertain us. They play music and movies and play games with us. We can use them to save money or spend money.

However, cell phones cannot be 100 percent good, as that would go against nature. And, sure enough, the excessive use of cell phones, especially at night, is a habit that has been shown to have serious health consequences.

One study out of Belgium found that only 38 percent of teens turned off their cell phones after bedtime. This study was published in the 2007 issue of Sleep. The blue light and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones has been shown to be one of the main causes of insomnia and anxiety disorders.

Over the course of a one-year study conducted in 2011, stress, depression and sleep problems were linked to those with the highest cell phone usage.

Cell phones give off radiation, which has negative effects on the body, especially in the brain and reproductive areas. In one study of 361 men, those who reported having the highest cell phone usage had the lowest sperm count. This study was published in the 2008 journal Fertility and Sterility.

Giving up cell phones is not a realistic option. However, you can take certain steps to minimize the damage that cell phone radiation does to the body.

Want to know how to protect yourself from your cell phone? Keep reading for 11 of the best tips that are easy to do but will keep you as safe as possible from radiation.


1. Use the Speakerphone

The most obvious way to avoid the electromagnetic waves from your cell phone is to keep it further away from your body. One way to do this is to use the speakerphone when you can. The further away you keep your cell phone from your head, the safer it is. Even Apple suggests that you keep your iPhone at least 5/8 of an inch away from your body. Of course, using the speakerphone in a public place can be annoying, but using it whenever you can is a great way to protect yourself.

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