11 Tips To Protect Yourself From Dangerous Cell Phone Radiation

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2. Use a Tablet or Laptop

Although these devices also emit radiation, you can use a radiation pad to prevent radiation from affecting your legs. Your tablet or laptop can be used with applications such as Skype or Viber to make phone calls. We realize that using these devices isn’t always possible, but why not make a video call using your computer when you are at work rather than holding that cell phone close to your head?


3. Switch Sides

Sometimes your cell phone rings and you can’t speak in a public place using the speakerphone. If this is the case, while you are talking, switch ears. This will allow you at least a microsecond away from the phone. Hey, a little bit of a break is better than nothing. If you take other measures, like the ones listed here, it can really add up to some serious protection.


4. Text More

Of course, there are times when you simply can’t avoid talking on the phone. However, if you can text rather than talk, then by all means do that. Sometimes we are simply too lazy to type out messages, but texting keeps the phone away from your body and your head. This is the best protection you could ever hope to get. Text your way to better health!

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