Why You Should be Eating More of This One Overlooked Vegetable

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4.  Supports Mental Health

Now how many veggies do you know that can make this claim? Beets contain a substance called Betaine, which is the same substance used in many anti-depressant drugs. Beets also contain another substance you have probably heard of called tryptophan, the same compound in turkey that calms you and makes you feel peaceful. Beets can also naturally lower your blood pressure. So if you are feeling uptight and angry, you can dive into some beets and chill out.


5.  Natural Inflammation Fighter

Ok, we are going to talk some more about Betaine. This substance helps to protect the body from environmental stress, and fight inflammation. Betaine can also help protect our vital organs and prevents numerous chronic diseases that are brought on by chronic inflammation in the body. Read also about other natural remedies that combat inflammation.


6.  Great Nutritional Profile

Beets have no trans-fats or  saturated fats, but are very rich in carbs, which will give you plenty of energy to get throughout your day. Beets are excellent sources of vitamin C and A, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and folic acid, a B vitamin that helps the body to make new cells. This means that beets are especially beneficial for pregnant women, as the iron and folic acid can help the body grow new cells.


7.  Super Source of Energy

While beets are low in calories (but they can be high in sugar, depending on the variety) very few foods are as beneficial to the body as beets are. With their high nutrition and vitamin count, their high carb level will give you energy galore, without adding inches to your waistline.

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