You Could have Parasites and Not Know It! 12 Herbs that Kill Them

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4. Onions

The sulfur in onions is really anti-parasitic. Although it’s a bit strong, simply drinking two teaspoons of onion juice (you can dilute it in some water) twice a day for two weeks will kill most intestinal worms, including those dreaded tapeworms and thread worms. Read more about onions benefits.


5.  Cloves

The essential oil from cloves is a great way to dissolve the eggs that intestinal worms leave behind after they die. In fact, clove oil is thought to be the only natural way to destroy parasitic eggs. When used in conjunction with wormwood and black walnut, this powerful trio will break the life cycle of most parasites.


6. Black Walnuts

Both the nuts and the green hulls (the inside part of the nut) of black walnuts do a great job of cleansing the blood and removing parasites from the intestines. The juice from the green hulls is what is used to kill parasites. There have been plenty of studies done showing that black walnut is an effective remedy against parasites. This is powerful medicine, so pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid using this remedy.

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