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Fermented Beets Healthy Recipe

To make your own fermented beets, follow these simple instructions:

1 jar of pickled beets: Take 6 medium or large beets and combine with 2 cups of water and one half teaspoon of sea salt. You can also add seasonings like fennel seeds or mustard seeds, but this is optional (you’ll also need a jar, obviously).


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After you have washed the beets, poke a series of holes in them, place the beets on a tray and bake them at 300 degrees until they are soft (usually takes around 3 hours, but check them often during baking to make sure). After you have baked them, chop up the beets into smaller pieces, place them in a canning jar. A quart-sized jar would be appropriate for the ratios here.

Prepare a brine with the water and sea salt. Add the sliced beets to the jar and pour the brine in. It is important to leave about one and a half inches of empty space in the jar, so don’t fill it up completely, or it will not ferment properly. Seal the jar and wait for three days for the fermentation process to take effect, then refrigerate.

Try this recipe or some kvass today and you’ll see why these fermented treats just can’t be “beet”. (Sorry).



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