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Lesser Known Benefits of Sunlight Exposure

There is a recent study (2011) out of South Korea which suggests that exposure to the rays of the sun may actually help the body burn fat! Originally published in The Journal of Experimental Dermatology, the study claims to have found that sunlight exposure was connected to increased metabolism of subcutaneous (under the skin) fat. Other studies have shown that deficiency in vitamin D was linked to higher levels of abdominal fat. While everyone knows that a chiseled body looks best in the summer sunshine, few people know about this study, which suggests that the sun may help you get one. This is certainly not conclusive, and more research needs to be done, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

There is also a claim that sunlight may actually help the body cope with physical pain. A study published in 2005 found that that sunlight appeared to have an effect on the recovery process of patients who had just undergone cervical and spinal surgery. Patients who stayed on beds on the brighter side of the room required, on average, 22 percent less analgesic (pain killing) medicine per hour. Once again, it is not proven that correlation is causation, but it is certainly very interesting.


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What is certain is that the sun plays an absolutely essential role in helping the body maintain its’ health, high energy levels, and a happier, more optimistic outlook on life. Future research may yield more startling discoveries about how sunlight exposure can help us, as the studies mentioned above appear to indicate. The fact remains that the majority of people around the world are often deficient in vitamin D- a lack of which is indeed associated with all manner of disease, various forms of depression, and a general feeling of malaise. The first step toward rectifying this is to go and get some sun- today. Work on that tan, and work on your health.



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