You’ve Heard of Colloidal Silver, but Colloidal Gold?

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4. Super Relaxing

Gold is also well known for having a super relaxing ability that most people describe as far better than any form of alcohol or drugs. Many people who suffer from insomnia swear by it. Since it has positive effects on our nervous system, it brings about a feeling of well-being and happiness that works better than prescription anti-depressants (read why anti-depressants can be dangerous). Colloidal gold will cause a complete relaxation and calming of your entire neural system.


5. Anti-inflammatory

One study published in the 1997 edition of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, found that patients who were given colloidal gold for treatment of their pain from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis , tendon, and muscle injuries, had far fewer incidents of pain than those who received only a placebo.


6. Improved Moods

Gold has a type of harmonizing effects on our bodies and it can help those who suffer from anxiety attacks, frustration, melancholy, or imbalanced emotional states. If you have tried St. John’s Wort and found it did not improve your mood, try taking between 15 to 30mg of colloidal gold each day for a period of at least 30 days and see if this therapy works for you.


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7. Regulate the Heart

Gold will naturally control the natural rhythm of your heart, relaxing it, and this could even lead to lower blood pressure.

Some people choose to consume both colloidal gold and silver daily. Colloidal silver offers antibacterial and anti-viral properties that can fight existing conditions, and prevent future infections, and gold helps to improve mental capabilities, relax, and invigorate the body. This is completely acceptable as they are both non-toxic and they will not conflict with each other. If you take silver, avoid using a metal spoon as the metal in the spoon will change the positive ions in the silver to lose their charge, making it next to worthless.


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