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  • Aloe vera plant
    Aloe Vera: The Wonder Plant

    Most people know that aloe vera is good for burns and lots of us have at least one little plant either in our kitchen or out in the backyard,...

  • Desert woman thirsty dehydrated in Death Valley. Dehydration,
    14 Surprising Reasons for Dehydration

    Almost 60 percent of your body is made up of water. If you were to lose even less than 2 percent of that water (that is the tipping point...

  • Aging Speedometer Passing Time Getting Older
    13 Everyday Habits that Make You Age Faster

    When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you feel like you are aging faster than your years? If you don’t like what you are seeing in...

  • Don't Ignore Heart Disease! Infographic
    Don’t Ignore Heart Disease! Infographic

    Most of people do nothing when they have some pains and they are just waiting for some mythical end of their suffering. Heart is the main part of our...

  • Stress - business person stressed at office. Business woman hold
    10 Ways You Are Ruining Your Immune System

    Staying healthy and avoiding the flu isn’t just about avoiding those coughing, sneezing co-workers or using a gallon of hand sanitizer every week, it’s the little things that really...

  • berries
    10 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods

    Anyone who follows health news knows the benefits of antioxidant foods. Antioxidants are valued for their amazing ability to fight aging, cancer, and heart disease. Want to know which...

  • Get well card, chamomile tea and fresh lemon
    10 Easy All Natural Remedies for Anxiety

    Oh no, here it comes again! Those anxious feelings about (take your pick here) money, family, love, health, work, or whatever it is that brings you anxiety. Your heart...

  • 15 Reasons To Run Infographic
    15 Reasons To Run Infographic

    Could you imagine that running influences positively not only on your body and the whole level of health, but also on your brains functioning and even creativity? If you...

  • Transparent cup of green tea with lime on wooden background
    16 Health and Wellness Trends in 2014

    It’s been a fascinating year for health and wellness, hasn’t it?  We found out that most of what we thought we knew about our digestion and immune system was...

  • Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music n
    8 Little Tricks to Make Your Life Healthier

    Everybody wants to be healthier, but did you know that just by making some simple, everyday combinations of certain things, you can improve your health without even trying. It...

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