10 All Natural Antibiotics You Don’t Need A Prescription For

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There are so many medications that have worse side effects than the disease they have been prescribed to treat. Most doctors are provided sample medications to pass along to their patients and they just keep trying one new prescription after another. Most don’t resolve your problem anyway. Medications that are strong enough to take away your pain are not drugs that you should be taking on a long term basis.

Most of us have snickered as we have heard an advertisement for a new medication and the company must spell out all of the side effects in advance. Some of them actually list side effects that make people turn down the medication because they are too afraid. It has been noted that 30% of the antibiotics that are prescribed are not required but merely prescribed to try first. The good news is that there are antibiotics available that are all natural, have no side effects, and you don’t even need a prescription for them. Check out these alternatives to pharmaceuticals you need to get filled at your pharmacy and that come with some disturbing side effects.


1. Raw Honey

The effects of honey have been known since the Romans used it to handle their infections, from taking care of existing wounds to preventing future ones. Honey has an enzyme in it that produces hydrogen peroxide which makes it a perfect wound treatment. When adding raw honey to your medicine cabinet, you have to make sure that it is organic and unpasteurized. Besides fighting infections honey can eliminate sore throats, colds, and some issues with your digestive system.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has properties that can actually treat cancer or prevent it in the first place. The vinegar has properties as an antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-fungal. In addition to warding off cancer it can help reduce your cholesterol, eliminate your heartburn, and keep your weight in check.

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