10 Deadly Toxic Products You Can Live Without

Paint Scrapping

Photo credit: bigstock

Consumerism, it’s what moves America, right? It must be, as advertisers spend an enormous amount of money convincing us to buy more and more stuff. Our houses are so filled with stuff; we need to rent storage lockers so we have a place to put even more of our stuff. Unfortunately, some of this stuff contains toxic chemicals you certainly don’t need. Here’s a list of the top 10 toxic things you can dump from your life.


1. Oil based paints and stains

Just one oil based paint has more than 300 toxic chemicals and as many as 150 known carcinogens, this according to a study done by John Hopkins University.

Look for water based paints and stains that say they are low or no VOC (volatile organic compound). Want an even better alternative? Use milk paints or wood finishes that are wax based.

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