10 Things to Learn from Paleo Even if You Don’t Agree With It

For most vegetarians, the thought of eating on the Paleo diet seems repulsive. Seriously, mutton, bones soaking in water trying to pass itself off as soup, bacon for breakfast every day? No way, vegetarians scream in unison!

However, if you put all kidding aside, most vegans are not always in the tip top shape they think they are. Vegans tend to eat too many carbohydrates (you’re thinking about that vegetarian pizza from last night aren’t you?) So even though the thought of a Paleo diet might be repulsive to you, it still has important points to make that you should take note of.

Here is a list of the top 10 tips everyone can learn from Paleo.


1. Eat Tons of Veggies

See? Right off vegans have something in common with the Paleo diet! It seems that in the Paleolithic times, people mostly lived off plants. So eat those greens and feel great!


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2.  Eat More Like Your Ancestors

Although we are far from caveman days as far as our lifestyle goes, our bodies haven’t changed all that much. Think about the types of foods your great great grandparents might have eaten. There were no supermarkets, perhaps only farmers markets. This means no packaged foods. So give this a try; take everything in your fridge, cupboards, and panty and box up those packaged foods for two or three weeks. If you find you feel better, great. If you change your mind, the food is right there and you can keep eating it, so there’s no need to panic. An interesting experiment, isn’t it? Why not try it?


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3. Ditch the Dairy

Another little food experiment to try. Some vegans agree with the Paleo diet and say that dairy products cause inflammation. Try going dairy free for 30 days. Then you can start adding it back into your diet a bit at a time and see how you feel.


4. Ditch the Wheat

Same as above. Try going 30 days gluten free and then add it back slowly. Many people find this is life changing. So many people have bad reactions to wheat products and never know what the cause is until they go gluten free.


5. Ditch the Sugar

This is probably the hardest thing to do as we are so inundated with sugar in our diets that we often crave little else. However in Paleolithic times, refined sugar didn’t exist. Even sweet things such as fruits were few and far between. Try weaning yourself off of it or if you find you just can’t do without, try a more natural sweetener such as Stevia. Ok, so it’s not on the Paleo diet, but it’s much better than consuming pounds of sugar every year!


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6. Embrace Fat

We don’t mean learning to love your spare tire; we mean start eating more healthy fats in your diet! Add coconut, avocados, and nuts to your daily diet. Healthy, all natural fats are filling as well as nutritious.


7. Forget About Calories

Think about all the diet food and diet sodas. Now think about how fat most Americans are. Fat-free or diet foods still has calories and those fat free gummy bears are still candy! Instead, try to focus on quality instead of quantity. You’re going to feel so free when you throw out that food scale.

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8. You Can’t Burn off Bad Foods

How many people do you know that think they can eat anything if they exercise hard enough? Doesn’t work does it? It’s really 80 percent diet and only 20 percent the exercise you do that keeps you healthy. The Paleo diet believes in this formula, and it works!


9.  Treat Treats like Treats

Sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it? Treats are supposed to be just that, a once in a while thing. Not once a week, not every weekend, not even every holiday! Make that slice of cake maybe a once or twice a YEAR treat, not something you eat at every birthday party.


10. Move it Move it Move it!

No, don’t move your furniture around, move your body! It doesn’t matter what you do and it doesn’t mean you have to do a triathlon, just move! Too many of us just sit in front of our phones and our computers all day (sometimes all night too!). Our ancestors were lean, mean walking, lifting, jogging, digging, searching machines! So get serious and get moving!


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