10 Diet Disasters to Avoid When Dining Out

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6. Enjoy alcohol in moderation

Those pretty, fruity little drinks can be real diet killers, friends. Ice water with lemon is free, but those mixed drinks (besides being 7.50 or more) have tons of empty calories. Have a light beer, one mixed drink (such as a martini) or a glass of wine, but no more. You might want to sip water with lemon (see the benefits of it) and enjoy your alcohol with your meal. Others like to wait and have their alcohol after the meal. No matter which you choose, keep your alcohol intake down tonight and you will be much happier tomorrow.


7. Look for those red flags

Anything described as breaded, crunchy, crispy, glazed, creamy, or fried means high fat and high calories. Order lean protein and non-starchy veggies either broiled or baked and you can’t go wrong.


8. Keep that enemy off the table

Before the server even tells you their name, tell them you don’t want any kind of bread brought to your table. If you must have something to munch on while you are waiting, ask for a small bowl of olives or limes.


9.  Start with a simple salad

Consider always starting your meal with what is commonly called a garden salad, and ask for the oil and vinegar on the side. These salads often have around 100 calories but they may keep you from eating as much as 11 percent fewer calories overall.


10.  Watch those menu descriptions

There is a reason those entrees say things like “ripe heirloom tomatoes” or” tender, super juicy all white chicken breast” or “velvety chocolate mousse”. There have been several research studies that show that those kinds of words have a big impact on diners’ emotions and can increase sales by as much as 23 percent. They can even influence what you think the food tastes like!  If the menu says it’s juicy, your taste buds expect juicy, and son of a gun, guess what? That chicken breast sure was juicy! Don’t fall for these colorful adjectives.




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