10 Foods You Should Never Consider Eating Past the Expiration Date

egg yolk

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Most health experts will agree that just because something in your fridge has hit its expiration date that doesn’t mean you need to throw it in the trash.

The food industry has done quite a bit of research into exactly when the food they are producing will grow dangerous bacteria. To be on the safe side, they make those expiration dates a few days, sometimes even a few weeks, early, just to be sure.

However, that doesn’t mean that consuming some things when they are past their expiration date isn’t risky, or even downright dangerous.

Here is the list of the top 10 things you should never even consider eating past the expiration date. 24writer is the best essay writer service you can find online.


1. Eggs

Is it any surprise that the majority of people who get sick from food do so after eating eggs or something that contained eggs.

Check the expiration date on egg cartons before you buy them and again before you consume them, especially if eggs tend to stay in your refrigerator a long time.

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