10 Health Benefits Of Sesame Seeds (Remember For Your Next Meal Plan!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

3. Diabetes

Sesame seeds contain a good amount of magnesium which is attributed with cutting down the chances of those who consume the seeds from getting diabetes. It is also credited with helping those who already have diabetes with being able to manage it better. Sesame seed oil also plays a part in helping certain diabetic medications treat the disease more effectively by managing the glucose levels and helping to regulate their insulin distribution.


4. Cancer

Sesame seeds utilize the anti-cancer substance, phytate, in dealing with several types of cancer. In addition, the high level of magnesium contained in sesame seeds also plays a part in reducing the chances of contracting certain kinds of cancer. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the findings of a study that showed how the chance of getting colorectal cancer dropped by 12% and the number of colorectal tumors was cut by 13% with each 100 mg of magnesium that was consumed through sesame seeds.


5. DNA Damage

There is a compound in sesame seeds that is called sesamol that has been credited with keeping DNA safe from some of the harmful side effects that come as a result of radiation which is used to treat certain types of cancer. With the DNA remaining intact it provides the patient who must undergo chemotherapy with the strength to face their condition and lessens the chances of getting other types of cancer because of the mutation of cells.

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