10 Health Habits That Aren’t Quite as Bad as You Think

Woman in the toilet

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3. Plopping Down Bare on a Public Toilet?!

Perhaps your mother taught you to never, ever let your butt touch the toilet seat because of germs, but the truth is the toilet seat is most likely the cleanest thing in a public bathroom, at least according to the research team at the University of Arizona.

It’s not known if this is due to those nervous women who use those paper seat covers or if they are wiping down the seat with hand sanitizer first but let’s dispel with the idea that if you sit bare on the toilet seat you are going to come down with something terrible.

Syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, and other nasty germs can’t live on inanimate surfaces, so you are safe, ladies and gentleman.

Sit down and relax.

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