10 Natural Foods To Speed The Metabolism Faster Than It Can Store Fat!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

When we talk about the metabolism of the body, we are actually using a term to describe the chemical reaction that involves the maintenance of the cells of an organism. In short, think of your metabolism like a kitchen sink. Once you dump food and water into the sink, the size (or clarity) of the drain determines how fast the sink will drain. A small or plugged drain will cause food and water to overflow, or in the case of your body, to store the “overflow” as fat.

We all know people who eat just about anything and everything and never gain a pound. These people often have faster metabolisms. Their bodies use the energy from the food they eat quickly, disposing of it before it can be stored as fat.

Unfortunately, we also know people who only need to smell a donut to gain weight. Or at least it seems that way! These people have very slow metabolisms.

However, there are foods that can actually increase your metabolism. This way, your body will burn off additional calories before it can store them as fat!

Let’s take a look at these foods so you can start adding them to your diet!


1. Grapefruit

Although grapefruit can be a bit sour, what it does for your body is amazing! Not only does the fiber in grapefruit keep you feeling full, but it is also well known for increasing your metabolism. Why do you think that every diet plan in the world includes at least some grapefruit? This fruit also helps the body break down stored fat. Try eating just a half of a pink grapefruit with breakfast each morning for some super fat burning power! Please be aware that grapefruit can interfere with many prescription medications. Please speak with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any medications before adding grapefruit to your diet.

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