10 Reasons Why You Can’t and Won’t Lose Weight

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Have you been having luck with your weight loss plan, losing a few pounds a week, eating right, going to the gym? Well, good for you!

What’s this? You’re stuck on a plateau and the needle on that scale just won’t budge? Well, don’t worry. Check out these 10 common things that are keeping you stuck at that plateau and get the scale moving again.

1. Eat more

You read that correctly, eat more! Sometimes dieters eat so little they actually do more harm than good. Your body will want to protect you, to ensure your survival. Therefore, your metabolism will slow down, thinking that there is a famine. If you are eating a very low calorie diet, try adding a few hundred calories and watch the weight start to move down once again.

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2. Don’t misjudge portion sizes

Most people misjudge the size of the portion they are eating. Research has shown that when we use small dishes, we are much more accurate in judging a portion size than when we use larger dishes. When you use large dishes you will more than likely vastly underestimate the number of calories.

Although measuring can be a pain, it will be worth it in the long haul when you see your weight drop again.

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3. Don’t eat diet foods

Sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? Shouldn’t those pre-packaged diet foods make you lose weight?  Well, they might except that many of them that label themselves as low fat are high in sugar and most of them have a large amount of salt. They generally lack the vitamins and minerals your body will need when you try to lose weight. Cook whole, fresh foods for yourself instead. Read about farm fresh foods. Are they truly beneficial?

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4. Don’t do the same exercise routine

When you were first starting out, almost any exercise at all was sufficient for your body to raise its metabolism and help you lose weight. However, after time, your body adjusts and becomes accustomed to the same workout. Try changing your routine and keep your body guessing. Read more about vital exercises you need.

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5. Don’t drink your meals

Calories add up, whether it’s  from a healthy smoothie or a glass of grape juice, a lemonade, or a vegetable juice. Many people don’t consider what they are drinking and don’t count the calories or carbs from those protein shakes or other liquids. Sometimes liquids leave you hungry again very quickly and you might be tempted to snack (which, of course, is even more calories.) Find out about “harmless” drinks that can harm.


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6. Don’t work out too much

Yes, there is a thing such as working out too much. Although exercise is a necessary thing for weight loss, too much exercise ends up making you hungry and you will end up eating more. Most people rationalize this by thinking “Oh, I ran 5 extra miles at the gym so I can have a hot fudge sundae.” It really doesn’t work this way. Set up a regular exercise routine and stick to it.

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7. Get enough sleep

Your body makes numerous hormones while you are sleeping that regulate how you eat, sleep, and lose weight. When these natural rhythms are interrupted, studies have shown that people actually gain weight. Develop good sleeping habits and make sleep as much of a priority as exercise. Find out all about lack of sleep.

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8. You are losing weight but

Sometimes we are actively losing weight but we are also putting on muscle from all our efforts at the gym. The two counteract each other so you may think you aren’t losing weight when, in fact, you are!

Pay more attention to how you feel, how you look, how your clothes fit you, and how much body fat you have rather than focusing on that number on the scale.

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9. Pay attention to those extras

Extra calories, we mean. Sauces and dips, cream and sugar in your coffee, that bite from your coworkers birthday cake, the slivered almonds on your salad, and the candy cane from the Christmas tree… all those little things have calories and they all add up. Pay attention to everything that goes in and on your food.

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10. Relax

Stress makes the body produce a hormone called cortisol that causes us to gain weight. Practice yoga or meditation and keep a positive attitude and you will see rewards for you efforts in no time.