10 Shocking Places You Would Never Expect to Find Fluoride!

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4. Baby Food

This is another reason you should make your own homemade food for your baby. Studies show that fluoride can cause brain damage in infants. For example, a single serving of baby food (about 71 grams) made with deboned chicken, could have as much .06 mg of fluoride, which is twice the upper safety limit for fluoride of a 6 month old baby.


5. Chicken products

As you might have guessed from the baby food, the process of removing chicken from the bone by mechanical means involves using fluoridated water. This stays with the chicken after processing. Think of all the processed chicken products many of us, and especially young children, eat on a regular basis. This includes chicken nuggets, chicken patties, chicken strips, anything that has had the meat removed from the bone will contain fluoride.


6. Grapes

Yep, those tasty little grapes that you love to put in your lunch and your kids lunchbox, have fluoride on them. It’s in the pesticide that they are sprayed with. Cryolite is a fluoride based pesticide. This also ties into the juice issue. Since many juices use white grape juice as a base or filler, this is another way that fluoride gets into juice mixes and juice boxes.  Even raisins can have as much as 55PPM per serving!


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7.  Lettuce

This is another one that gets sprayed with cryolite. This pesticide is very sticky, too, so even if you want to wash it off, you are going to have to do a lot more than just rinse. If you are eating iceberg lettuce, you can peel off the outer leaves and you should be able to avoid most of the fluoride. Romaine, however, and other loose leaf lettuce will have this chemical all the way to the bottom, as these are sprayed from the top.

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