10 Super Healthy Snacks You Should Always Have on Hand

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There is a lot of debate going around about whether we should eat several small meals, or stick to three meals a day and have a couple snacks. It seems like whatever works for you is what you should do. If you eat regular meals and you don’t feel the need for snacks during the day, then more power to you. However, if you are like most people, having snacks at certain times of the day, especially after a hard workout, then listen to your body and give it what it wants.

The thing about snacking is that it’s gotten bad press over the years. Ask someone what they think a snack is and you will hear things like potato chips, cookies, ice cream, and even candy. However, snacks don’t have to be junk foods. Keep some of these foods on hand or at home and the office to keep your long term health goals on the road to success. Check out these top 10 super healthy snacks that will give you energy and keep you going all day.


1.  Sweet Potato Chips

These taste so good, your kids might forget about those other chips. Slice sweet potatoes as thinly as you can. Coat with a very small amount of coconut oil and bake until they are crispy.

These are super tasty and packed with vitamins.

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2.  Frozen Organic Grapes

If you have never tried these, you are missing out.

Wash a bunch of organic grapes, pat dry, then put in a Ziploc bag for freezing. Seedless grapes work best. Eat right out of the bag.

They will remind you of candy or grape flavored popsicles. Super cooling in hot weather, and much better for you than ice cream.

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3. Smoothies

Make your regular smoothie something special by adding hemp seeds. Not only do they taste good, but they are full of healthy nutrients like iron, zinc, and magnesium.

You can also add chia seeds and whole berries. Read more about why chia seeds do wonders to your digestion.

To avoid getting bored, experiment with different flavors such as oranges, spinach, apples, or avocados.

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4. Veggies with Dip

Oh, did you think we were going to talk about a Ranch dressing dip?

No way! There are other, healthier options.

Bean dip or hummus are both great options for dipping veggies, and they will really satisfy that urge to crunch something.

Greek Yogurt

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5. Plain Yogurt with Toppings

Flavored yogurts have tons of sugar and often have artificial colors and flavors. Find out about other foods that nutritionists refuse to eat but you probably eat every day.

Buy plain yogurt and sweeten it with fresh fruit. If it’s still not sweet enough, add just a touch of honey or maple syrup.

Add some nuts or seeds to get a little crunch and add a different flavor.

Organic Hard Boiled Eggs

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6.  Hard Boiled Eggs

Although eggs have gotten a bad reputation, it’s undeserved.

Keep a steady supply in the fridge so you can grab one anytime the mood strikes.

You can eat them plain or slice one up in a corn tortilla with some cabbage or spinach and perhaps a little guacamole for a great snack.


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7.  Guacamole

Speaking of guacamole, feel free to make up some any day you like.

Squeeze a little lemon juice on top, cover tightly, and it will keep in the fridge for about 3 days.

Don’t scoop it up with tortilla chips, though; use fresh organic veggies, veggie chips, or flax crackers.

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8.  Dark Chocolate

Ok, this perked you up didn’t it?

Yes, you can have a small amount of chocolate daily, just be sure you choose the right kind. Look for dark chocolate with the highest cocoa content you can find. It might seem really strong at first but you will get used to the taste.

The higher the cocoa content the lower the sugar level.

Have about 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate every day, if you like, and quell those chocolate cravings in an instant.


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9. Kale Chips

Try this next time you want a crispy snack. Find out why kale is one of the top healthiest vegetables ever.

These are about as nutrient packed as you can get without sacrificing flavor.

Try coating the hips with your favorite spice or with nutritional yeast for a really unique and tasty treat.

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10. Apples with Almond Butter

These are pure joy. An extremely tasty and satisfying treat that has all the vitamins you could ask for.

Of course, let’s not forget plain old organic fruits and veggies.

You can always carry an apple or banana with you in your coat pocket or a briefcase.

These are the original snacks, and while perhaps not as exotic or exciting, they are still satisfying and good for you.