7 Amazing Foods that Do Wonderful Things for Your Digestion

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Helping Americans with their digestive problems is big business. Every year Americans spend millions of dollars on antacids, laxatives, fiber additives, as well as enzymes to improve our digestive systems. Eating a good, healthy, well balanced diet is really all you need to maintain digestive health. To avoid modern man’s digestive diseases, add these seven amazing foods to your diet and see just how good you can feel when your digestive system is working properly.


1. Bone Broth

Making old fashioned bone broth is a simple and easy way to improve digestion. The gelatin that is in bone broth can reduce inflammation as well as protect you against infections.

Bone broth contains many minerals, as well as calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin, phosphorus, and magnesium. Always use bones from organic or grass fed animals for best health.

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