10 Sweet Ways Honey Can Improve Your Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Feeds Gut Bacteria

There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, both in the outside world and inside our bodies. Honey helps the body to adapt and overcome dangerous pathogens by feeding the immune system’s natural defenses: Your gut bacteria. Manuka honey is the most powerful in this aspect as it has been clinically proven to kill more than 250 strains of bad bacteria including MRSA, MSSA, and many others.


3. Stops Seasonal Allergies

When you use raw honey from local bees, you can ease and then stop the cycle of seasonal allergies. Start consuming one tablespoon of raw, organic honey each day. This needs to be repeated each day for a period of at least one year to 18 months for this to work. Your body becomes accustomed to the natural pollen from local plants, and you should find that your allergies symptoms are less intense the first season and almost non-existent the second season.


4. Makes Fevers Work for You

Fevers are the body’s way of fighting infection, bacteria, or a virus. Raw honey can help to improve the medicinal compounds found in most herbal teas. This can make an annoying fever become a useful tool in fighting back against foreign invaders. Raw honey is so powerful that it can kill undesirable bacteria and fungus. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural antiseptic.

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