10 Things You Should Do Every Morning Before 10

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4. Take Some Deep Breaths

When we are feeling stressed or frightened, we take shallow, quick breaths. Long, deep breaths tell our body that we are feeling calm and relaxed. Reach your arms over your head and take half a dozen deep breaths so your brain gets a fresh rush of oxygen and your body will feel relaxed and happy.


5.  Say Your Affirmations

Keep in mind that your subconscious is listening to everything you say (it also believes everything you say!) so choose an affirmation (you can change it every day if you like) to start your day on a high note. Your affirmation can be anything that you choose, as long as it is a positive statement about yourself. Some examples of affirmations are:

I feel alive and vibrant today.

I feel great and confident that today is my day.

I am a good person and I will do great things today.

I have tons of energy and will accomplish a great deal.

I feel happy and healthy.


6.  Look Over Your To Do List

In today’s modern world, we all have tons of things to do, but you can take a the load off by taking two minutes and looking over your to do list. This way you will remember, while you are still at home, that you need to bring a certain file or that you need to sign your child’s school paper or that you have a doctor’s appointment right after lunch.  Nothing is more stressful than getting to work, reading your to do list, and then realizing that you left that important paper at home.  Stay calm, look over your list, and make any preparations that will make the day go more smoothly for you.

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