10 Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your Life! (Especially #10!)


Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. The Sad Sack

This person feeds off of your energy and zaps every positive feeling you have about life. The Sad Sack increases the negativity in your life by telling you every bad aspect about your life that you never even thought of! By the time this friend leaves, they have you believing that your life sucks even when you thought everything was going great before they showed up. These are energy vampires so if you have any of these Sad Sacks in your life, ditch them ASAP.


3. The Schemer

Remember in the old I Love Lucy episodes how Lucy would always convince her friend Ethyl to get involved in some hair brain scheme that always ended badly? The Schemer is like Lucy, but she doesn’t care if you get hurt or if you are bored. She doesn’t care anything about you — really, she just wants a sidekick to take the fall for them when things go wrong! It wasn’t their fault that they got drunk Saturday night and wrecked the car, it was YOUR fault because you kept paying for drinks and you let her drive! Save yourself a ton of headaches, excuses, and pain. Let the Schemer take the fall for her own crazy plans.


4. The Dufus

Although all your friends don’t have to be on the Mensa list to qualify as a friend, they shouldn’t be stupid on purpose! The Dufus indulges in voluntary ignorance, has an immense ego, and a self-righteous attitude that will absolutely drive you nuts! Stop the crazy making in its tracks. The next time Dufus decides that playing stupid is the best way out their problems because they are smarter than everyone else, drop them on their butt. Hard.


5. Your 5,000 Facebook Friends

These people are not your REAL friends. You don’t even know if the name they are using is their real name or if they life where they say they live. In fact, you don’t know anything about these people other than what they tell you. They aren’t interested in your problems (unless it provides them with good gossip) they won’t help you when you really need it, they just want you to post cool meme’s. Limit your Facebook friend list to REAL friends that you can count on.


6. The Bragger

Sometimes called “The Know It All”, these people are forever trying to one up you so they can feel better about their lives. If you go to Las Vegas for your vacation, they will tell you that Vegas is SO 1999 and that Paris is the place to go, they are leaving next month or they went last year. If you tell them your kid made the honor list, their kid is graduating early. If your husband gets a raise, their husband got a promotion and an even bigger raise. It’s endless, it’s pointless, and you don’t need it. Tell the Bragger to take their new Mercedes and get lost.

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