10 Ways to Deep Clean and Freshen Up Your Health and Your Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Most people think of spring time as the time to “spring clean” your home: throwing out old clothes, purging cupboards and garages, sending rugs, drapes, and carpets out to be washed.

But have you given a moment to think about your health? Your mind? Your soul? Sometimes they need a little bit of deep cleaning, too. Not quite what you might be thinking, we don’t necessarily mean a weekend at a spa, but we have a few ideas to help you deep clean and freshen things up that don’t involve a mop, a rag, or an expensive weekend away.

Keep reading for the top 10 tips for doing a little deep cleaning that will leave you feeling lighter, safer, and much more focused.


1.  Deep Clean that Medicine Cabinet

Although you should really store medicines in a cool, dry cabinet and not in a bathroom medicine chest, many people still stash their meds there. Whether you have any prescription meds or just some over the counter stuff, take a look at the expiration date. Wow. You might be shocked at how old some of those meds are. Dump them! If you aren’t sure, take a look at it. If the color has faded, looks kinda funky, or worse, smells funky, or if you just aren’t sure how old it is or even what it is, dump it in the trash can. Then take a look online at Drug Take-Back Network to see how you can safely dispose of old medications in your area.


2. Deep Clean Your Skin

If you don’t exfoliate your skin regularly, now is the time. Exfoliating is easy and it will improve circulation and remove dead skin cells.  You can find hundreds of exfoliating scrub recipes online, but the simplest one is simply mixing sugar and some olive oil. Rub this mixture all over your skin and face after washing, then rinse off.


3. Freshen Up Your Plate

One of the easiest ways to improve your overall diet is to freshen up your plate with color. Add vegetables and fruits that are full of color and you will be adding plenty of healthy antioxidants. Try some purple cabbage, red sugar beets (be sure you get organic and not GMO beets), yellow bell peppers, orange sweet potatoes, green kiwi fruit, and beautiful white cauliflower for a rainbow of colors on your plate!

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