10 Ways To Keep Kitty From Using Your Garden As A Litterbox

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

8. Black Pepper

There are plenty of products that use this, but you can make your own just as effectively. Simply mix equal parts black pepper (or cayenne pepper) and sand, then throw handfuls around kitty’s favorite spot. A word of warning: NEVER do this on a windy day! You will quickly find out why this repels cats so effectively! Cats always sniff the ground first and once they get a whiff of pepper, they will sneeze their way right out of your yard.


9. Coleus Canina Plant

Sometimes called the “Scaredy Cat Plant” or “the Scaredy Cat Coleus,” you will find this plant available in almost all nurseries or online. It looks pretty, but smells like a skunk. Even more so if someone touches it or crushes a leaf. Cats don’t like this smell any more than we do, so they will go elsewhere. The problem? Who wants a plant that smells like a skunk in their rose garden?


10.  Make Friends

Okay, sometimes it’s simply easier to make friends than to fight them. If you make a place for kitty to go, he should leave your garden alone. Get a kids’ sandbox, and plant some catnip plants around one side. Kitty will go check out the catnip, feel happy, and poop in the sandbox — problem solved. You will have to clean the sandbox, but if the offending cat is yours, well, you are probably cleaning a litterbox inside anyway, so what’s the difference? This is not a good option if you have dogs or small children. They will find that sandbox endlessly entertaining as well.





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