10 Best Ways You Can Lose Weight Fast

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Weight loss seems to be the main topic of discussion on most people’s minds. They have either lost weight or know someone who has. New diets pop up every day and there is usually at least one weight loss book that is sitting on the Top 10 list every week.

The main problem many people have is what is the best way to lose weight quickly without having to resort to starving? Can you eat regular food and still drop a few pounds without getting on the scale to find that you have only lost one pound after 7 days of dieting?

They used to say that if you lose weight too fast you have a better chance of gaining it back fast as well. But some people need a little encouragement so when they see quicker results they are more motivated to stick with the plan. Here are some ways to lose weight faster and still stay healthy.


1. Cut down on carbs

You don’t have to cut out carbs, but cutting down on carbohydrates will definitely help you drop pounds faster. Carbs retain fluids so you will lose some water weight initially, but the main thing a low carb diet will do will help you to curb your cravings. You will find that the longer you go without sweet treats the less you will crave them.


2. Eat foods that are high in fiber

Foods that are high in fiber will help you stay full longer. When you are not hungry you will not be tempted to eat foods that are not on your diet plan. Fruits and vegetables are great choices because they are mostly fat free and low in calories.


3. When you are hungry reach for protein

High protein foods help to keep you full while keeping your blood sugar levels even. When your blood sugar goes up and down, your mood will be erratic and you will end up overeating because your glucose levels are all over the place. Eat lean meats, hard boiled eggs, or low fat cheese to get yourself through to the next meal.

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4. Walk 30 minutes at least 3 times a week

There is no disputing that diet and exercise go hand in hand. The exercise will help you burn off excess weight faster plus you will feel better each time you set out on your walk. This is one area that will improve to the point that you will look forward to getting more active movement. The results will show up within a few weeks as well and that will motivate you because your plan is actually working.


5. Drink a gallon of water a day

Drinking water on a regular basis is good for your body and when you drink a glass of water before you eat you may find that you are full quicker and end up eating less. Drinking water also helps you to flush toxins out of your body and it will prevent you from becoming constipated, which could slow your weight loss.


6. Eat every couple of hours

Try to plan out your food intake so that you are eating smaller meals every couple of hours. Even if you feel hungry, you won’t have to overeat because you know you have another meal planned in a couple of hours.

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7. Keep a food journal

This is the key to successful weight loss. Keep track of everything you eat. The more honest you are with writing down your food intake, the more weight you will lose. You will be surprised at how much you are actually eating. If you find that you are not losing as much weight as you thought you would, check your food journal. The truth behind your lack of weight loss will be found in your journal.


8. Get rid of any tempting foods in your house

Make sure that you get rid of any foods that you find tempting in your house. If they are not there you will not succumb to having “just a bite.”


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9. Have snacks that you enjoy on hand

Make sure that you have plenty of fresh fruit available to you. Cut up celery sticks and have baby carrots washed and ready with a low cal or low carb dip in case you need to grab something quick to snack on. Hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, and everything you need to put together a quick salad should be at the ready in your fridge.


10. Find an eating plan that allows foods you love

If you love potatoes, chips, and sandwiches, a low carbohydrate diet plan is not for you. A low-calorie plan will let you eat the foods you love based on portion control. You will just learn how to eat less but still be able to eat your favorite foods. If you love bacon, eggs, and cheese, the low carb plan will work like a charm for you. Find the right plan so you don’t quit after a few days because you miss your favorite foods.

Don’t forget to set your goals and reward yourself when you reach them. Buy yourself one new outfit for every 5 to 10 pounds that you lose. It will be a reminder of your progress and make you feel good about yourself.