12 Absolutely Mind-Blowing Facts About Vitamin E


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7. Strengthen Your Nails

If you have thin, brittle nails that break off easily, you will want to try this! For longer, stronger, healthier-looking nails, try some vitamin E. This super moisturizing oil will keep your nails well-hydrated, preventing those annoying hangnails, and it is the perfect solution for nails that tend to crack or split. Add the oil from two or three vitamin E capsules in a small bowl with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil. Mix well, and then soak your nails for five to 10 minutes twice each week. Beautiful nails, here we come!


8. Treats Dermatitis

If you have dermatitis, then you already know that this inflammation of the skin can cause some really annoying symptoms, such as swelling and redness, but it’s the pain and itching, sometimes even burning feelings that are the most problematic. Vitamin E to the rescue! Not only will this oil help to heal your skin quickly, it can offer relief from that pain and itching! Gently rub some vitamin E oil over the affected area each night before going to bed. Repeat every night until your symptoms improve.


9. Stops Those Split Ends

If your hair tends to get split ends due to blow dryers, hair coloring, curling irons, or straightening irons, then give vitamin E a try. This oil can actually repair damage that happens to your hair. This deeply conditioning oil will also give your hair beautiful shine, leaving it looking glossy and silky smooth. Mix equal amounts of coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamin E oil. Apply this to the ends of your hair about 30 minutes before you shampoo. Do this three times each week for best results.

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