12 Best Foods That Increase Your Libido And 4 That Kick It To The Curb!

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9. Strawberries

Good blood circulation is crucial for the proper sexual functioning for both women and men, which means that strawberries should be your new best friend. Strawberries are rich in some powerful antioxidants that are very beneficial to your heart and arteries. They are also rich in vitamin C. Studies have shown that men who consume more vitamin C have higher sperm counts. Those dark chocolate covered strawberries are sounding pretty good right now, aren’t they?


10. Pomegranates

Fresh pomegranates are great, but they take too long to eat. Have some fresh pomegranate juice instead! The International Journal of Impotence Research recently published a study that was done at the Male Clinic in Beverly Hills showed that pomegranate juice, had significant effects on those with erectile dysfunction. This tasty fruit has been connected to powerful antioxidants that improve blood flow. Try to find organic, no sugar added pomegranate juice as many juices contain tons of added sugar.


11. Vanilla

First chocolate, then strawberry, now vanilla. Sounds like a candy store doesn’t it?  Did you know that vanilla was once banned by the Puritans because it was so sexually stimulating? It’s true! In fact, even the word comes from Latin, which means “little vagina.”  Imagine what a nice cup of coffee, laced with vanilla and cinnamon, could do for your sex life about an hour before bed?


12. Ginkgo Biloba

This ancient Chinese herb relaxes the blood vessels so that nutrients can be sent to all the organs in the body. Improved circulation and improved blood flow means better blood flow to the genitals. Gingko biloba works best when taken regularly over a period of time, so give this herb at least 30 days before you can expect to see results.

In the meantime, there is always chocolate. And strawberries.

Now that you know what you should be consuming to improve your sex life, let’s talk about the things you shouldn’t be eating.

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