12 Common Cancer-Causing Items To Remove From Your Home NOW (#8 is Scary!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Air Fresheners

The Natural Resources Defense Council published a report stating that almost all of the common air-fresheners people have in their homes contain chemicals with serious carcinogenic potential. This study says this even includes air fresheners that are labeled as being “all-natural.” Even products that are labeled as “unscented” contain a “scent” that has carcinogenic chemicals called phthalates.

There are many types of phthalates that have different health consequences, but almost all of them have one thing in common — they affect reproductive health. Many of these air fresheners don’t clean the air as we believe they will, but they do exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma.

Make your own homemade air fresheners to avoid phthalates. Mix eight ounces of water and 10 to 20 drops (depending on how strong you want your mixture) of your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle, and use it all over your home to naturally make it smell great with no worries about dangerous or carcinogenic compounds.

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