12 Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Home Birth

There is a lot of controversy about where women should have their babies; home birth or hospital birth? Many people say that home births are more natural and lead to fewer complications; others insist that hospital births are safer because there is an abundance of medical equipment and drugs available should there be a problem.

Well, we have 12 compelling reasons why you might want to skip that expensive hospital visit and have your baby in the comfort of your own home.

Portrait of infant resting on mother moments after birth

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1. Faster recovery

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding home births, one thing cannot be denied; home care is superior to hospital care when speaking about recovery. Think about it! Home cooked meals, few or no pharmaceutical drugs, warm herbal baths, and the company of family and friends when YOU want to see them, not when it’s convenient for the hospital to allow them to visit.


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2. You can always go to the hospital

It’s a common misconception that you must choose one or the other. For some reason, should develop complications, you can always go to the hospital. It’s always there waiting for you and your baby should you need it.


3. Safer at home

When you use a licensed midwife, home births are just as safe, if not safer, than hospital births. In fact one study showed that the risks of pre-term births are cut in half when a home birth is involved and women who choose to give birth at home are almost always satisfied.


4. Comfort

Face it; your house is simply more comfortable than any hospital room. Although you might not think this is a big priority, the place where you give birth can make all the difference when talking about the overall success of your pregnancy. Which would you rather choose: being confined to a bed eating hospital food and looking at fluorescent lights or being in your own bed, or your own sofa, enjoying a bath, your garden, and eating whatever you like?


5. You won’t be on your own

Your midwife will be with you every step. At a hospital, your doctor might check on you at appointed intervals and spend 5 minutes with you at a time. Your midwife, however, will take time to get to know you, your needs, you likes, and the needs of your baby.


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6. Set your own pace

Home births allow you to give birth at your own pace. Not everyone wants to be told how they “should” give birth. Some women have birthing plans that doctors at hospitals either can’t or won’t comply with. Think about your birthing plan and how important it is to you. Now think about which setting will work out best for implementing that plan.


7. Privacy

Giving birth at home means you will have much more privacy. In a hospital, doctors will be constantly (and unnecessarily) checking your genitals, and disrupting your labor. At home you can relax in peace and not have someone poking you every few minutes.


8. Less medical intervention

Study after study shows that home births, on average, require much less medical intervention. You lower the risk of interventions such as forceps, epidurals, and vacuum extraction when you give birth at home.


9. The freedom to eat

Many first time mothers don’t realize that, once you enter the hospital, you won’t be able to eat until after you give birth. The reason for this is to avoid any possible aspiration should the doctor find you need to have a C-section. If you are having a home birth, you can feel free to eat whenever and whatever you like, thereby giving you the energy you need for the birthing process.


10. Give birth almost anywhere

When you are using a hospital to give birth, you are only allowed one position and one place: in bed, half sitting up. If you are home, you can give birth sitting on a chair, in the bathtub, or lying flat on the floor, whatever is comfortable for you.


11. Less risk of infection

Your home is probably a much cleaner and safer place than most hospitals. Chances are slim that you have antibiotic resistant super bugs in your home! That definitely cannot be said for hospitals. Read more about natural antibiotics that kill super bugs.


12. You have control

You can control the environment in your home. Do you want the windows open? Do you want the heat turned up? Do you want to dim the lights or burn incense? You can have it your way, something a hospital will never allow.

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