12 Herbal Remedies To Stop Gout Attacks

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Gout is described as a type of arthritis where normal levels of uric acid in the blood suddenly increase and form sharp crystals that fill the fluid surrounding the joints and trigger inflammation. People who have had gout attacks describe it as a sudden, excruciating pain that tends to strike the joint of the big toe first.

A single gout attack is bad enough, but for some people, gout becomes acute and chronic, beginning with the joint at the big toe, but moving on and involving more than just one joint. The pain slowly disappears over a few days and, for some people, it never returns. For others, it returns over and over. The actual root cause of gout is unknown. Scientists also do not understand why it strikes some people once and others over and over again. Besides being extremely painful, chronic gout can lead to other complications such as kidney failure!

One thing researchers do know: Gout tends to strike those who are overweight, diabetic, anemic, or those with limited kidney function. They believe that these conditions somehow interfere with the body’s natural removal of uric acid and allow it to build up in the body.

If you have gout now or if you suffer from repeated attacks, the following 12 herbal remedies can help to relieve the pain and remove excess uric acid from the body.


1. Lemon Juice

The juice from lemons contains vitamin C, which is known to help the body remove excess uric acid. This is an inexpensive and easy remedy for gout that can have you feeling better in a day or so. Mix the juice from half of an organic lemon in one glass of water, and drink three times each day.


2. Celery Seed

Celery seed is known for being a powerful anti-inflammatory and is often recommended for those who suffer from similar gout-like symptoms such as osteoarthritis. Celery seeds have been shown in studies to flush uric acid from the kidneys and reduce the overall acidity inside the body. Celery seeds are mild diuretics and have a mild sedative effect.


3. Apples

Although it won’t work overnight, eating two or three apples each day can help to remove uric acid from the body. Foods that are high in vitamin C and potassium are known to help fight the effects of gout.

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