12 Herbal Remedies To Stop Gout Attacks

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Paederia Scandens

Although studies on this herb are limited, early studies show that it has powerful effects on hyperuricemia, which is linked to gout attacks. One early investigation showed that when rats were given extracts from paederia scandens over a 14-day period, they had powerful hypouricemic activity, meaning they had lower levels of uric acid in their bodies.


5. Devil’s Claw

This herb from South Africa is one of the more popular natural methods of relieving the pain of gout. Devil’s Claw works by removing inflammatory compounds from the affected areas, relieving pain. It also helps to prevent a buildup of the uric acid crystals that cause such intense pain. The University Of Maryland Medical Center has even conducted research showing that Devil’s Claw had powerful anti-inflammatory effects that helped those suffering from gout and arthritis. You can even apply this herb as an ointment to help ease inflamed joints!


6. Green Tea

Green tea is another easy way to help fill your body with healthy antioxidants while relieving the pain of gout. Green tea contains EGCG, a compound that prevents the production of inflammation and joint damage, according to studies from University of Michigan Health System. Green tea is also a mild diuretic, which can help remove excessive amounts of uric acid from the body. As if this were not enough, green tea has potent polyphenols, plus vitamins E and C, which are known to reduce gout attacks. Drink three or more cups each day for best results.

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