12 Herbs to Curb Heart Palpitations

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Although some people experience rapid heartbeats, missed heartbeats, and even irregular heartbeats, these are not signs of true heart trouble, but rather a symptom from another underlying problem such as hormone fluctuations, certain prescription drugs, anxiety or panic attacks, excessive caffeine consumption, menopause, or even an overactive thyroid gland.

If you are experiencing irregular heartbeats, be certain that you check with your doctor or cardiologist first to be sure that you do not have heart disease or any other type of heart issue. Once your doctor has given you the OK, check out this list of the top 12 herbs that are known to help calm those heart palpitations that are caused by things other than heart disease or heart malfunctions.


1. Lavender

Many heart palpitations are caused by anxiety or panic attacks. Using lavender either in aromatherapy, herbal baths, or in diffusers can help relax both the mind and the nervous system. One study involving 20 subjects showed that using lavender oil caused a significant drop in heart rate, skin temperature, and blood pressure.  Lavender appears to induce a less anxious, more relaxed state of being. In this study, less anxious states were shown to be more than just a feeling, but were actually proven by an increase in theta and beta brain wave activity when compared to those who inhaled unscented base oil.


2. Yarrow

This is a great old fashioned herb that will lower a fast pulse and control the sudden thumping of the heart. Drink two or three cups of this tea each day for continued relief, without daytime sleepiness.


3. Black Haw

It’s actually the root of this herb that will help to calm heart palpitations, as it’s a natural antispasmodic. If you can find tea, drink two or three cups per day. If you find it sold as a tincture, use about 25 drops in 8 ounces of water and drink this mixture twice per day.

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