Make Your Own Naturally Healing Aftershave

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Shaving is something many men must do on a daily basis. Men who have sensitive skin find that shaving can cause irritation or skin redness, however. Although this will fade away with time, the act of shaving again, usually within the next day or two, will cause more irritation.

Most commercially made aftershaves contain alcohol, which only irritates the skin further. They can also contain many things that you might not want on your skin, let alone on your face. Your skin has very little protection, so whatever you place on it gets absorbed and goes directly into the blood. This includes those dangerous scents that contain hormone disruptors and the dyes, which have been linked to cancer.

We have a recipe for making your own aftershave that you are going to love. The ingredients are easy to obtain. You should be able to find most of these at your local supermarket, drug store, and the remainder at your local health food or natural store. If for some reason you cannot find some of these items, they are readily available online. Read also how to use baby powder as an aftershave.

Witch hazel is super soothing to the skin, which makes it a perfect ingredient for this aftershave. Witch hazel will clean and soothe any cuts or nicks, as well as reduce puffiness and seal in moisture.

Glycerin is very moisturizing and the perfect replacement for drying and irritating alcohol bases. Vitamin E makes a terrific stabilizer as well as being skin healthy!  The jojoba oil is very similar to our bodies own natural oils and make for a great carrier oil.

You can use almost any scented essential oil you like, but you might want to try Cedarwood and/or Bay West Indies oil combination as these not only smell very manly, but they have antiseptic and astringent properties that are perfect for an aftershave.

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