12 Little Known Lemon Beauty Benefits (We Love #4!)


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One of the most common foods in the world has tons of health benefits both internally and externally. Lemons are known to fight cancer, have super detox power, fight viruses and other types of infection, improve the immune system and control blood pressure levels.

But did you know that lemons also have terrific benefits when it comes to improving the skin, hair and nails? Lemons have powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, and astringent compounds that can help you look more beautiful.

Want to know more about how you can use lemons in your beauty treatment? Keep reading!


1. Natural Astringent

One of the most important parts of caring for your complexion is cleansing of course, but afterwards, you need a good astringent to shrink the pores and remove any dirt from deep down in the pores that your cleanser left behind. Astringents also remove left over cleansing product that was missed while rinsing. You don’t need to buy expensive astringents that can over dry your skin; all you really need is some lemon juice. If you have sensitive skin, mix a bit of water into your lemon juice. Dip a cotton ball into some pure lemon juice and wipe it over your face.

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