12 Morning Rituals That Will Change Your Life

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Ease Tension Areas

A few minutes after you get out of bed (we know you will want to pee first), go sit in a comfortable chair or on the sofa. Notice how your body is feeling at that moment. Is any part of you sore, tender or tight? You don’t have to try to change position or try to “fix” anything, just notice how you feel and where it is located. Now direct a few deep breaths (about 10) to the painful area. If there is more than one, do one area at a time. This tension check will really help you start your morning tension-free and ready to face the day.


3. Smoothie Time

Morning is one of the best times to nourish our bodies. After going so long without food, your body is ready to be energized and refreshed, filled with healthy goodness from Mother Nature. Pick your favorite green smoothie recipe and drink it as you get dressed and ready for the day. Don’t have one? Choose one of the recipes here at NaturalOn! Energy in a glass, what more could anyone ask for?


4. Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

An Internet search about the benefits of positive thoughts and affirmations will reveal thousands of hits. This is because these types of thoughts and words really do affect the body and mind. They increase grey matter, reduce pain, and improve feelings of well being. Think positive thoughts as you go about getting ready for the day. Say a few positive affirmations as well, such as “I am energized and ready for the day.” Or “I am healthy, wealthy, wise and super energized!” Or whatever suits you. Try it for just a few weeks and you will be surprised at how many things change in your life because of this.


5. Listen to Music

Rather than listening to the horrible things the news has to say, why not fill your mind with some music? Choose whatever music suits you; some disco tunes to get you up and around, or some soothing classical music, whatever works for you.

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