12 Natural Energy Sources That Won’t Rot Your Teeth (We Love #8!)

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Almost everyone gets that low energy, down in the dumps kinda slump in the afternoons. Pay attention to the people in your office. Right about 2 or 3 PM, you will start to see people yawning, heads down on the desk, maybe even a few closed doors as some lucky people try to grab 20 winks.

For those of us who can’t take a quick nap, we head off to the coffee pot or vending machine for some candy, chocolate, or energy drink to give us a little boost that will get us through the afternoon. Find out side effects of energy drinks.

Those ugly energy drinks are loaded with sugar (of course, the candy is too!) and once you come down off that caffeine and/or sugar high, you are going to crash again soon after you get home. Forget the gym, forget playing with the kids, and forget everything by that point. All you want to do is go crash on the sofa with Netflix, right?

Well, we have a list of 12 of the best sources of energy that won’t rot your teeth, won’t add to your waistline, and that will get you off the couch in no time flat!


1.  Get Upside Down!

Rather than plop down on that sofa, try some yoga! Yoga inversion poses are terrific not only for relieving stress, but they increase blood flow to the brain, which will raise energy levels. You don’t have to go to a yoga class; simply lie on the floor on your back and put your legs up on the wall. If you know how to do other inversion exercises, like headstands or handstands, then flip it up and get the blood moving towards your brain for some super evening time energy!


2. Go Off the Grid

Everyone is super connected at all times it seems. If we aren’t on Facebook or Twitter we are watching videos online, chatting on Skype, or using our cell phones for texting. Although we are usually sitting down, this is all still work for the brain and it can be just as exhausting as running a marathon (well, exhausting to the brain at least!). For a quick recharge, try shutting off. Turn off your phone, the television, close the laptop. Some people go as far as shutting off their lights, lighting a candle, and just enjoying the glow. Going off the grid for 15 or 20 minutes, or turning everything off the first hour you get home and simply relaxing or focusing on something else, such as a book, some music, or watching the birds outside your window, can really refresh the mind and body!


3.  Feel Some Gratitude

It’s easy to let ourselves feel down when all we can see are the negative things in life. Who has the energy to do anything when you can’t see the good in it?  Make a list of all the things you have in life to be grateful for. Start by making a list of 10 items and then when you are feeling slow, add another 10. Read some of these things out loud and really feel how lucky you are. Because you are, you know.

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4.  Go for a Walk

Never underestimate the power of your body! Being sedentary can cause energy levels to go super low, making you feel tired when you’re really not. Shake things up and get the blood flowing back to your brain by taking a walk around the block, around the parking lot, or even just up and down the stairs if that’s all you can do. No matter where you are, you can always walk somewhere, so don’t make excuses, just do it!


5. Pump Up the Volume

Music can really change your mood, so when you feel sluggish and slow, put on some bouncy, upbeat tunes to keep your energy levels high. Dance along if you can, even if it’s only for a minute. When your brain gets more blood, you will feel more awake and alive!


6.  Slice Up the Day

If you use a planner or a to-do list, be sure you slice out some time for you! Make time to eat a few healthy snacks, take a stretch break, a quick nap, a few minutes to go for a walk – anything that will get you moving and help to add to your energy levels is just as important as your other tasks. You can’t get as much done if you are dragging due to lack of energy. Schedule YOU time and feel the energy all day long!

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7.  Smile

OK, this sounds lame, but the truth is when you take time to laugh and smile you will feel happier, and happy people are more energized. Take a walk down the hall and visit that co-worker who always makes you laugh, call your favorite funny friend on your lunch break for a few laughs, or watch those funny videos on YouTube (you know the ones, where cats are always falling off tables or people are falling on their butts.) Anything that makes you laugh is good for you, so take a few minutes to LOL.


8.  Think Green

One of the most energizing foods Mother Nature has to offer is dark leafy green vegetables. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these veggies get their energy from the sun and pass it on to you! Whip up a green juice or smoothie when you are feeling run down and imagine you are drinking pure sunshine! Talk about solar powered!


9. Check Out

Sometimes, what you really need is to be alone. You love your family, your spouse, your kids, but doesn’t it seem like everyone wants something from you sometimes? It’s exhausting! You don’t have to disappear for a weekend; just a few hours will usually do the trick. Go watch a movie by yourself, do some window shopping, or enjoy a picnic in the park for one. Don’t feel guilty for wanting some alone time, either. You can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first.

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10. Reconnect

On the other hand, sometimes what you really need is to talk to someone other than your 2 year old! Country singer Kellie Pickler says “Good company gives me good energy.” Sometimes it’s true! If you always feel perky and happy around certain people, be sure you spend more time around them. If others only bring you down, then avoid those people as much as possible.


11.  Make a List

Everyone is different and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. You most likely know the things that energize you, make you happy, and make you feel good. Make a list of those things and when you feel down, close your eyes and pick one. Be sure you make a list with a wide variety of things so no matter the weather or the circumstance you can always find something that will please you and fill you with energy.


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12. Grab a Glass

Of water, we mean! Sometimes feeling tired is our body’s way of telling us that it’s dehydrated. We think we need some caffeine but what we really need is a big glass of H2O. Add a squeeze of lime or lemon juice and some ice for a super refreshing drink that just might do the trick.

If all else fails, brew up some fresh green tea. It does contain caffeine but with all the healthy antioxidants it contains, it’s like drinking pure health in a cup.