12 Natural Ways To Stop Constipation In Infants (#5 Is Super Easy!)

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Apple Juice

What kid doesn’t love apple juice? Apple juice has a mild laxative effect that can encourage regular bowel movements. Avoid applesauce, however, as this has high levels of pectin that can lead to constipation. You can give between two to four ounces of apple juice once per day to toddlers and four to six ounces for slightly older children. Make your own fresh apple juice at home for best results.


3. Light Exercise

For constipation in very young children, sometimes all that is needed is a bit of exercise. Light exercises can help to improve the overall digestion and help make bowel movements more regular. Babies that get regular exercise have less gas, digestive pin, and constipation. If your baby is already crawling, use toys or encouragement to get them to take a few laps around the living room. If not, put your baby on their back, and then move their legs as if they were riding a bicycle. If your baby is just learning to walk, hold their hand(s) and help them to walk around the house or yard a few times after eating.


4. Change Formula

Some types of baby formula can be more constipating than others. Read the label on your preferred brand of formula. Formulas that are higher in casein or that have been thickened using rice cereal often cause more constipation problems. Contrary to popular belief, formulas with iron do not cause constipation. If your baby has an ongoing problem with constipation, consider changing your formula.


5. Tummy Massage

A little massage from mommy is a good way to help relieve constipation. Massage in the stomach and lower abdomen area stimulates bowel movements. Light massage can even help to relive colic and gas pain in infants. An added bonus to massage is that it helps your baby sleep better. Lie your baby down on his back, then rub a bit of warmed (not hot) olive oil or coconut oil on your baby’s abdomen and stomach area. Start about two fingers width away from the belly button and massage in a clockwise direction for three to five minutes. Do this after every meal until your baby has a bowel movement.

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