12 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Walnuts Every Day

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2. Helps keep your weight under control

Walnuts have been proven to help you lose weight. A Harvard Medical School study was conducted using weight loss shakes. One group received a protein shake with walnuts and the other group received a placebo shake. The group with walnut shakes were more full and not hungry reducing their urge to overeat.


3. Assists insulin levels in diabetics

Researchers in Australia were able to prove the value of walnuts in fighting diabetes within just three months. They test studied 50 people who were adults suffering from obesity and diabetes. The testing went on for a year and participants were required to follow a low-fat program. The group that included 30 grams of walnuts in their diets every day experienced a lower number in their fasting levels than those who didn’t within the very first three months.


4. Helps ease stress levels

In order to test the difference in stress levels that walnuts can achieve, a study was conducted that tested those with higher LDL levels in their cholesterol readings. Each group was put under stressful situations, either by having their foot put into cold water or having to give a speech to a group of people. Those whose diets consisted of walnuts or walnut oil had much lower LDL readings than those who did not consume walnuts.


5. Strengthens bones

Walnuts have been found to have ellagic acid, which is a strong polyphenol in the extract of walnuts. This acid was discovered by Greek researchers to have a powerful benefit for strengthening bones.

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