12 Reasons You Should be Eating a Lot More Walnuts

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9. Bone Builders

Research done in Greece found that the extract from walnuts had an amazing bone-building activity at the cellular level. It’s believed that the major polyphenol found in walnuts, called ellagic acid, was responsible for its ability to help build bones.


10.  Weight Control

Walnuts can even help those looking to drop a few pounds. A Harvard Medical School double blind randomized study that involved 20 women and men who had metabolic syndrome showed that even though these subjects all consumed the same diet with the same number of calories, the ones who received a shake that contained walnuts said that they were less hungry and felt more satisfied during the day than the control group.


11. Super Brain Power

Researchers in one study split 64 college students into two groups. One half consumed walnuts, the other half received a placebo. After a two month period, the group that consumed walnuts increased their verbal reasoning ability by more than 11 percent. Other studies have shown that the greater the consumption of high-antioxidant foods, such as walnuts, increased cognitive and motor function in aging.

It’s the numerous neuroprotective compounds in walnuts, such as folate, melatonin, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids that appear to have this beneficial effect on the brain.


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12. Unique and Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital to good health. They control how fast you age by fighting free radicals, which are the cause of many age related diseases.

Walnuts contain several antioxidants that are unique in that they are found in only a few foods. On top of this, walnuts contain such powerful antioxidants that are so good at killing free radicals; many scientists have no problem calling them extraordinary.

By the way, that outermost layer of the nut itself, that whitish flaky part that has a little bitter taste to it? You shouldn’t discard that; rather, you should learn to love it. It’s believed that as much as 90 percent of walnuts’ antioxidant power is found in that paper thin skin. To increase the beneficial impact of these nuts even further, buy walnuts that are raw and organic.

Be sure you store your walnuts in an airtight container in the refrigerator so they don’t become rancid. Walnuts are a terrific snack anytime, and with so many health benefits, there is no reason to deny yourself any longer! Eat up!





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