12 Reasons You Should be Eating a Lot More Walnuts

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

5. Improved Health for Diabetics

This next study proves that that fat in walnuts is beneficial to the body. Overweight adults who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were given ¼ cup of walnuts each day. Within the first three months of this study, these subjects had significant reduction in their fasting insulin levels when compared to the control group.

Another study performed in Australia used 50 overweight adult diabetics and then split them into two groups. Both groups received dietary advice, but one half of the group was given 30 grams of walnuts each day. The study timeframe was one year, but in the first three months the group that consumed walnuts was found to have significantly lowered their fasting insulin levels. Find out other natural remedies for diabetes.


6. Lowers the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Some studies show that consuming walnuts can greatly lower total and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. In one study done in Iran, 52 subjects were divided into 2 groups. One group ate 20 grams of walnuts daily, while the other group received none. After only 8 weeks, the group that consumed walnuts lowered their triglyceride levels by more than 17 percent and increased their good (HDL) cholesterol by as much as 9 percent.

Another study done by the University of Wisconsin had 36 subjects consume 30 grams of English walnuts each day for a one month period. Even though they added calories to their diets, they did not gain weight and their blood lipid profiles were lowered. Read more how to naturally control cholesterol.


7. Increase Male Fertility

UCLA researchers studied 117 young men that were consuming a typical American diet. After giving 59 of these subjects 75 grams of walnuts each day for a 12 week period, it was found that the group that ate walnuts had significantly improved the quality, motility, and sperm vitality.


8. Suppress Breast Cancer

Studies that involve animals show that eating walnuts significantly reduced the size and number of breast cancer tumors. Researchers believe that it’s the omega-3 fatty acids, phytosterols, and antioxidants that are responsible for these anti-cancer benefits.

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