12 Superior Herbs And Spices To Fight The Battle Of The Bulge

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Almost everyone knows that one of the important aspects when it comes to losing weight is, obviously, what you eat. Most people think that losing weight involves eating less, not adding things to your diet.

One weight loss trick is something most people never consider, and it’s right there in your spice rack. Although herbs and spices might seem too small to impact your weight, studies show that they actually can.

After reading this, you will probably want to stock up on the following 12 herbs and spices so that you can fight the battle of the bulge more easily.


1. Green Tea

Usually, one of the first things to go when people want to lose weight is soda and other sugary drinks. That’s a great start, but why not substitute at least a few glasses of plain water with a few cups of green tea? Well-proven to be loaded with healthy benefits, this tea can also prevent cancer and diabetes. For those looking to lose weight, however, green tea is known to increase the body’s metabolism, which means you can burn extra calories without doing anything extra. That sounds like a dieter’s dream, does it not?

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