13 Fact-Sounding Food Myths You May Still Believe In!

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Food myths cuts across nations and sets of people, and what may be a food myth in a particular society may not be termed as something serious to reckon with in another society (Never try any of those wine myths with the Italians or French!). Here we suggest a number of the most fact-sounding food myths you may not have heard before.


1. Eating raw carrots is more nutritious.

Using the sentiments that a food or vegetable that hasn’t been touched by heat has more retained nutrients in them is common. However, this is not so about carrots, as the fact about carrots being a veggie is that, the nutrients are more released when cooked. To be more exact, cooked carrots release more beta carotene which will benefit the body.


2. You can only lose weight by forfeiting your favorite foods.

This is one of the food myths. It is not uncommon from observation that few people have self-control when doing things they have high pleasure in. The world is filled with people that have low restraint when carrying out pleasurable activities even at the sight of danger. It is no wonder that some get addicted to alcohol, caffeine, and drugs. It is also possible to get addicted to some foods, and consume them beyond the normal intake. Moderation in eating is well able to help us check weight-gain even though we are eating our favorite foods.


3. Calories can be saved when margarine is used instead of butter.

Both margarine and butter have about the same amount of calories. Even though margarine was created as an alternative and healthier food to butter because of its vegetable fats, be informed that some margarines have trans-fat which are unhealthier and have more harmful effects on the heart than butter. Eating trans-fat free margarines is better in a diet.

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4. Nuts can be as bad as junk food.

Since nuts can be seen as natural snacks, some believe that they are as bad as the everyday junk foods. Note that nuts are rich in proteins and some nutrients. Nuts have the ability to prevent heart diseases and type 2 diabetes, thus, encouraging our good health.


5. Minimal alcohol intake can induce night sleep.

Well this is not the case with everybody, as each person’s level of endurance and absorption differs. Taking alcohol before sleep may get you disturbed and make you a night watch by being unable to sleep. You may even get a headache. There are dozens of choices to opt for in a healthier way to deal with your insomnia.


6. Milk mustn’t be drunk when you have a cold.

There is no truth in the food myths that say milk produces more mucus in a person that has a cold. Milk is good for the body for its rich nutrients. You may want to drink it warm if you feel uncomfortable with its coolness.


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7. You can get an ulcer from spicy foods.

Spices are not triggers for an ulcer. What spices can induce is to cause an irritable bowel, which some may mistake for ulcer.


8. You have to spend more time in the kitchen if you want healthier food.

Just because you aren’t preparing your own food does not mean the richness of your food in nutrients must suffer. What you need to understand here is that you have to be informed and knowledgeable about foods and diets, so when you are away from home or you find yourself in a restaurant, you know the right choices of foods to pick.


9. You should mostly go for salad in a restaurant.

This is one of the food myths that suggests you go vegan outside your home. Salads are good, but note that restaurants do some cream dressings on the salad for the purpose of good food presentation, which are mostly fat filled and unhealthy. So, you may want to go for the real deal in food, and eat that which you know benefits you.

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10. Bananas are too sugary to be a healthy food.

One of the laughable food myths is that bananas, despite being a fruit is unhealthy because of its sweet taste. Banana is just like any other fruit like oranges or apples and you do not need to run away from it, as you will be losing many vitamins due to ignorance.


11. Eating too quickly is nothing.

A fast eater tends to consume more than the required amount of food. A fast eater may not quickly know that he is already filled up until it is too late. It is better to eat slowly and enjoyably rather than stuffing food rapidly in the mouth as if there is a food race competition.


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12. Carbs are evil.

One of the food myths believed by some is that carbohydrates are evil, as they are believed to be the main culprit in the gaining of excess calorie and weight in the body. The good carbohydrates can make you feel full very fast. In fact many fruits like apples, bananas have sugar in them and these are carbohydrates as well. Refined and processed carbohydrates are the ones that can make people gain weight. Also, note that, having about 40% carbs in a diet is good, as carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body.


13. Legumes and grains should be eaten at the same time to get complete protein.

It is being said and believed by some that grains and legumes should be mixed together to get a complete protein. However, contrary to this view of mixing carbohydrate and protein compulsorily, the truth is that, eating foods rich in amino acids in the course of the day is enough to give the needed protein nutrients.