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There probably isn’t anyone in the world who doesn’t envy a French woman’s je ne sais quoi: in other words, looking chic effortlessly. They are slender without dieting, attractive even when they are not conventially pretty, they are self-assured and don’t apologize for it, they live well but not to excess, and they enjoy the best quality without ever over-consuming.

Ok, perhaps it’s not right to generalize. There will surely be French women who say they don’t see themselves in such a light, and those who know French women who will say that they aren’t all like that. Well, as with everything on this earth ,there are exceptions. However, there are not many people who fail to notice, and admire, a French womans ability for self-love as well as self-respect.

The main point here is that, women who value themselves, and take care of themselves, without making excuses for it, are happier with their lives. Here is our list of the top 14 ways French women treat themselves right and, perhaps, all women should take a clue from them.


1. Keep it Natural

French women know that being covered in layers of cake makeup, then powders, and rouge, and those painted on eyebrows, yuck! That is not sexy nor attractive. Let your natural beauty shine through and use only enough makeup to enhance, not cover, your beauty.


2. Be Yourself

Don’t be shy about conveying your individutality, in both your style, and your personality.


3. Make the Most of Your Assets

Many French women are known for their sense of style. Why? Because they figure out what works for them and they use it to the best of their ability. Then, they simply update the basic style with seasonal accessories. This is better than jumping on every style bandwagon as it passes, not to mention, much more economical.


4. Enjoy Life

French women learn to say no to anything they feel is a waste of their time and they don’t feel guilty about it. Discover your passions in life, focus on the things you love, and it’s sure to shine through in everything you do.


5. Practice Daily Rituals of Pleasure

Feeling good is every bit as important as looking good. So do whatever makes you feel good; massages, facials, pedicures, hot bubble baths, anything that pleases you. Don’t think of these as luxuries, they are essentials. No matter how busy you are, make time for you and your own pleasure. Find out how to use lemons instead of beauty products.


6. Work With What You Have, Not With What You Want

French women don’t wait until they lose weight or grow out their bangs before they make genuine efforts to look good. When you feel great, and look your best, there won’t be anyone who will notice those overgrown bangs. Read more how to be happy.


7. Don’t Push Your Body

That old adage “no pain, no gain” does not exist in France. French women look more towards what you might call the “pleasure principal:, do something that makes you feel good and look good, then it’s going to be good for you. ( yes, they apply this to sex as well) So don’t do those starvation diets, don’t workout so hard that you are too sore to play with your kids.

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