15 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth (#10 Is Really Surprising!)

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Let’s be honest, shall we? We live in a society that places a great deal of approval and self-worth on appearances.  Just one look at the celebrities with their super white pearly whites and you realize that yellow or stained teeth are not a fashion statement of which anyone should be proud.

Exactly why do our teeth turn that ugly yellow-grey color? Of course you know that certain foods and drinks stain your teeth, but what you probably don’t know are some of the lesser known foods and beverages that can stain teeth or that wear down the enamel on your teeth. That allows their porous interior to be exposed so that they then absorb just about everything with which you come into contact.

So while we can’t live on just water, there are plenty of foods that are known to stain our teeth, and you should be aware of them so that you can take steps to avoid turning looking like the wolf man. We will tell you at the end of this article how to best avoid yellowing or stained teeth.


1. Curry Sauces

Curry is absolutely famous for turning teeth yellow. One look at any Indian native over 25 years of age, and you will know that this super healthy spice, also known as turmeric, can turn the teeth yellow over time.


2. Beets

If you have ever gotten some beet juice on clothing, a tablecloth, or even your hands, then you know very well how that purple juice stains everything it touches. Now imagine what it can do to your teeth!  Beet juice is especially powerful when it comes to staining your teeth and other items. They are super healthy so you don’t want to stop eating them, but be sure to follow our two steps at the end of this article to avoid stains!


3. Coffee

Perhaps the most well-known stain maker of all time. Dark colored drinks, such as coffee, especially black coffee or espresso, can really do a number on your teeth. Adding milk to your coffee will go a long way towards lightening the color and limiting the yellowing of your teeth.

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