15 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth (#10 Is Really Surprising!)

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4. Sugary Treats

Brightly colored candy and hard candies, really, do a number on your teeth. First, the sugar turns acidic in the mouth. The longer you chew on these candies, the more damage they do to the tooth surface. Then, the color is absorbed by your teeth. If your favorite candy stains your tongue, it will stain your teeth over time.


5. Blueberries

This is another one that almost everyone knows will stain teeth and hands and anything else it comes into contact with. Blueberries are super healthy, and one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet, so don’t stop eating them! Read our two tips at the end of this article that will tell you how to avoid tooth staining when you eat foods like blueberries.


6. Black Tea

Many people think tea is safer for the teeth than coffee, but that is not actually true. Tea contains tannins, which stain the teeth. Tea has many health benefits, so you don’t want to stop drinking it. Simply change to herbal teas or green tea, which have more health benefits than black tea anyway. If you must have your cuppa, try adding milk to your tea to lighten the color.

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