15 Foods That Cause Yellow Teeth (#10 Is Really Surprising!)

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10. Fruit Juice

Although these are nowhere near as damaging to the teeth as those brightly colored sports drinks, fruit juices are terribly acidic, which means  they wear down the enamel on your teeth, leaving them susceptible to absorbing colors from your foods and drinks, including  juices such as cranberry juice, orange juice, and tomato juice.


11. Sodas

Sodas are not your friend anyway, and you should best stay away from them, but if you are going to indulge, you should know that sodas, especially colas and those bright fruit flavored sodas are some of the worst things for your teeth. Like candy, the sugar turns acidic in your mouth, and it quickly wears away the enamel, and then your teeth absorb the color from these drinks. This also applies to some of those brightly colored, sugar-filled sports drinks. Avoid these as much as possible, for your health’s sake and for the sake of your teeth.


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12. Soy Sauce

Dark colored drinks are not the only danger to your teeth –many condiments such as ketchup and soy sauce are also a danger. One way to determine if a food or drink can stain your teeth is to consider that if it can stain clothes or hands, then it will stain your teeth eventually.

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