15 Foods to Help Reduce Hangover Symptoms

egg yolk

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Ok, too much fun and games last night has translated this morning into a killer hangover. Although it’s best to not overindulge in the first place but once it’s happened all you want to do I to stop those awful hangover symptoms.

If you are going to drink alcohol at a party, be sure you have a full stomach. This will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. So before the party, if you don’t think they are going to be serving food, eat before you go. If they have food at the party, be sure to eat.

Having said that, let’s get right to the list of foods that you can choose from to replace those nutrients that your body has lost as well as fight the toxins you put in it the night before.


1. Eggs

It’s the return of the incredible, edible egg, destroyer of toxins!

Eggs contain an amino acid which can help your body break down toxins. They are also high in vitamin B, which can help minimize hangover symptoms.

These are usually a good choice because even if your stomach is queasy, most people find they can keep down a couple of eggs.

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